The object of gangstalking

The goal of the phenomenon called "gang stalking" can be twofold:

1 - To oppress you as an individual in the society by undermining you socially and economically. This can be as a consequence of a political standpoint you have taken, knowingly or unknowingly, at a certain point in the past.

2 - In some cases the aim is to make you lash out back at society, and this in the most violent manner possible. Like school schootings or other mass killing drama's. Events like this trigger a whole media circus and offer opportunities to revise e.g. gun-laws, additionally it takes away the focus from other potential things going on in the world or your country.

Utilitarianist thinkers believe they also cause cohesion amongst the population through these events, it makes people come together and mourn. They also believe they can instill the belief in people that others are in such a desperate situation that they come to the point of committing these acts. So a proportion of the people will feel better knowing that some people are more desperate than them, again a utilitarianists trick.

Whatever the reason may be because of which you are submitted to Gang Stalking, the fact that you are being submitted to it, implies directly that you are no longer living in a free society where rule of law is upholded. Accept this.

If you are submitted to gang stalking, you are living in a dictatorial regime. Gang stalking is a practice performed only under regimes where rule of law has become secundary to political power, and thus the freedom of opinion has been restricted.

At a sociological/psychological level, you are now confronted with a hidden irrational pain in your society for which you personally are not responsible for, but for which you are being held accountable. I know it sounds strange, but this is your situation, it boils down to the fact that you are being judged, as a person, and what you believe in.